Asset Based Lending Audit Services
Asset Based Lending Audit Services

The following records will be needed for the audit:


1. Summary & detailed A/R aging as of the last month end (copies).


2. Summary A/R agings for the last 12 months (no copies needed). Just need the aging spread.


3. A/R activity (net billings and customer payments) by month as well as credit memos issued by month for the last 12 months.


4. Summary A/P aging as of last month end (copy).


5. Summary A/P agings for the prior 12 months (no copies needed). Just need the aging spread.


6. Certificate of insurance covering personal property, liability & workers comp listing the bank as loss payee as respects to personal property (copy).


7. Perpetual inventory report as of the audit date (Excel if possible).


8. Copy of the latest financial statement & trial balance, as well as latest fiscal year end.


9. Federal (941's) & State (DE 9) payroll tax returns for the last 4 quarters plus payments made since the last quarter end (no copies).


10. Sales tax returns for the last 4 quarters, if applicable (no copies).


11. Copy of the last 3 bank statements and reconciliations.


12. Name & phone number of corporate attorney.


13. Name & phone number of CPA.



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