Asset Based Lending Audit Services
Asset Based Lending Audit Services

Asset Based Lending Audit Services

My company specializes in performing audits for commercial lenders.  The audit consists of a review of the company's books and records as well as the collateral that supports the bank's line of credit.  The actual scope of the audit is tailored for each company based on the bank's concerns.  Since I have been in the asset based lending field since 1983, my recommendations are valuable in minimizing the bank's collateral risk.  The CPA's reviewed or audited financial statements are not adequate for this purpose, as collateral issues are generally not addressed.  In addition, the books and records are reviewed to determine the reliability of the interim financial statements being submitted to the bank.


For more information on the audit fee, please contact me on my direct line at 818. 730.3926 or e-mail at Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.   

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